Saturday, 21 May 2011

Week 15 Final Crits

Friday 20th May Final Crits
Critics: Michael Chadwick, Sean Griffiths & Charles Holland

Georgia Chatzimichali

Dimitros Sinos

Adam Hiles

James Williams

Adam Freestone

Pedro Santos

Matt Parnham

Chris Simmons

Simon Jones

& Ottile Yip

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Mayor of Dover visits exhibition

The 'This is England' exhibition today received a surprise visit from the Mayor, Lady Mayoress and Town Sergeant of Dover. They said they had heard very enthusiastic and positive reports from invited guests who attended the event Friday evening and earlier today. All were very impressed with the exhibits and enjoyed the variety of approaches. All three appreciated the potential and aspirations in the schemes and research on show.
Councillor Mrs Susan Jones, Mayor of Dover, was very interested on matters addressing the People's Port, linking the town to Port and the economic viability of the prospective solutions.
The Mayor, Lady Mayoress, and Town Sergeant, wished us every success in our studies and congratulated everyone involved on a very successful and engaging exhibition.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Castle converted into flats

I took a trip to Kingsgate and Joss Bay yesterday, (in between Margate and Broadstairs)and walked along the beach contained by towering chalk cliffs and the enormous concrete, neo-classical sea defence propping up the Kingsgate castle, built in 1760 for Lord Holland.
It appears as though the concrete squares, on the sea defence wall, are blocking what were once windows? I can't see whatother purpose these concrete extrusions to the facade serve? The exterior walls of the castle are constructed entirely of flint.

The bay provides some of the largest sea formed chalk caves in the country. One even has an air or light shaft carved through the cliff to the surface. You can really appreciate why bays like these were notorious for smuggling.

Kingsgate castle has been converted into 31 flats with stunning views.

I recently learnt that English Heritage are struggling to make any profit on tourism at Dover Castle. Its an interesting thought if the Castle was to be converted into residential accommodation.