Thursday, 21 April 2011

Dover Transport Museum Networking Evening

Last night's networking event at the Dover Transport museum, in Whitfield, was an enjoyable, and very nostalgic look back into the past. We were greeted at the door by the Dover Princesses and some of the tour guides and then shown into the main exhibition room, a large and high hanger construction. The guided tour was informative and the recreated shop fronts and businesses, that lined the larger exhibition rooms like small streets, once traded in Dover town, were very accurate if scaled down a bit. The exhibits were lovingly curated although some lacking detail simply proved charming. I was disappointed with the Maritime room as this seemed insignificant in importance to the cars, coaches, trains and motorbikes, all of which once, in some way, served the nautical industries. The collection of fire engines, undergoing full restoration, were impressive as were many of the pre-war and post-war vehicles. I was rather taken by a 1936 black Humber Snipe, owned by the Brett Family, of Brett aggregates.

The main purpose of the evening was to raise as much funding as possible, through guests paying an entrance fee as well as optional donations, in order to complete unfinished exhibits, in particular the model railway room.

I hope that our small contribution will help with what is for many a labour of love.

Our main purpose was to learn and experience some of Dover's history in objects, but also to meet people who have influence within the town regarding tourism, many of whom are also business owners as well as residents. I was very pleased to have met Mandy who, only the day before, had kindly replied to a post regarding my rdp presentation and provided me with valuable information. It was good to speak to these people in person and in the process formally invite them to our subsequent show on the 6th May. We also handed out flyers for the event and many seemed interested.

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