Monday, 22 November 2010

The Best of British

Whilst enjoying a quaint afternoon tea to celebrate my sister's birthday my mother steps outside and returns with a treat for the whole family. The Best of British Board Game, emblazoned with images colourful images ranging from Churchill to Dennis the Menace, from Fish and Chips to Mr Whippy, its slogan reads "The game of what makes Britain British!"
The actual game revolves around the tried and tested format of answering questions to move around the board however these questions leap from obvious stereotypes to ultra specific obscurities. British identity seems to stem from a series of factors; Pop Culture, National Species, Events and History, Cuisine, Currency and Civic Life.

Although this game is based around the family it is interesting to speculate the other uses that it could facilitate. Entry exams to the country; if you know enough useless facts about the UK you can claim asylum. It seems to question what it is to be British, are we just holding on to a series of stereotypes.

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