Tuesday, 2 November 2010

this will happen on Friday, 5th
Anyone interested to join?
(if we are all going, the Fri tutorial would be......)


Open Jury: Portfolios 2009/10
Friday 5 November, 10.00–6.00 Lecture Hall
This one-day event gives everyone the opportunity to see some of the best portfolios and presentations from the last academic year. Discussions will centre around presentations: how we produce, discuss and present design work at the AA. The event will be a great opportunity at this early stage, mid-way through the first term, to speculate on the type of work that the school will be producing in the coming year. This internal, self-reflective discussion will be led by undergraduate tutors from across the school. The selected students showing work represent the school from Foundation through to Diploma.

The format will mimic that of a final table review, with a rotating group of approximately four tutors at any one time. Presentations will be limited to around ten minutes with discussions to follow. In order to be sure that everyone can see the work and hear the presentations, a video camera will be positioned over the table, projecting the work on to a large screen as well as to other parts of the school.

10.00–1.00 Presentations
1.00 Lunch
2.00–5.00 Presentations
5.30 Summary discussions and drinks
for tutors, guests and students

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