Monday, 20 December 2010

A House for Europe. the mirror and the portrait. Pedro Santos

>client research: Alvaro Siza
>working method
>diagrammatic approach and bullet points

>house elements / plans

>elevations and 3d model

> all boards are A2 size.
> more information coming soon(sections and text)

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  1. Pedro,

    I think you've done a solid job of researching and setting out your interest in Siza here and I have no problems really with the basic storyline. I think the weakest part from me is the analysis of the local housing types and the terms of reference. As I understand it you are aiming to take a local vernacular housing typology and inflect it through Siza's particular design tropes and techniques. In some way this is about a relationship between a Southern European modernism and the UK. Fine. There is a strong tradition of modernist housing on the English coast - look at Frinton Park Estate and the De La Warr Pavilion for instance.

    In terms of the actual design it seems a little tame. Siza is a hard architect to take on because his work is both very rich and very subtle and doesn't really come across in drawings. So, you may have to exaggerate the effects a little more to get the effect. Ultimately, is it a Siza house in England and, if so, what makes it about Europe particularly? Perhaps the 'local' elements need to be used more 'as found' and be actual bits of local architecture. This way you would avoid the accusation of being very unspecific with your terms.

    More pragmatically, the house is quite perverse in its siting with only one window taking in the view. I don't mind this in principle but can you explain why more thoroughly and explain what the other less spectacular views are about?