Thursday, 23 December 2010

House for a Lepidopterologist

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  1. Simon,

    This is an interesting idea but there is little sense of it being a house at present. The plan has no notation which doesn't help and is possibly symptomatic of the fact that you have described a butterfly enclosure first and a house second. I think therefore that there needs to be more integration between the two. Perhaps you could play with the outline of the 'tent' element more, making it the house in some senses or at least describe the overall outline and dimensions of the house. How then do the butterflies and the normal activities of the house co-exist?

    The migratory aspects of the butterflies is interesting and gives you a potentially rich take on the UK/Europe narrative. How does the journey of the butterflies to France fit into the brief of House for Europe? You don't necessarily need to do too much with this aspect but some sense that it is not entirely and only about butterflies is important!